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Men's Leather Bracelets

Men's leather bracelets make a stylish addition to any man's wardrobe. Braided leather or round leather brings texture that encircles your wrist once or multiple times. We use mixed braid techniques on leather strands for a multi-textured piece, giving the impression of several stacking bracelets or striking one.

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Leather bracelets for men

Only top-quality, natural leather makes it into our leather bracelet collection. We design from cow, buffalo or sheep leather. Leather bracelets are light and comfortable to wear. Here at INMIND, we have a stylish selection of masculine leather bracelets that make the perfect present for him.

We handcraft men's leather bracelets in different styles and colours. Here at INMIND, you will find a black leather bracelet, leather wristband in multiple layers, striking colour gents bracelet or leather braided bracelet from leather with varying braiding techniques.

History of leather use

Leather has played an essential role in the various cultural circles and epochs, particularly during eras where suitable alternatives had yet to be developed.

The manufacturing of leather cords has a long history. In the beginning, it was mainly used for simple tools, later for harnesses, chariots or machines that required drive belts. Not to mention the famous roman body armours (lorica), sandals (caliga) or army bags (loculus), which had all leather cords applied and were used to conquer the then known world.

From Indians of North America to Eskimos in the polar region was impossible to live without the leather. Almost every culture has used, relied on and benefited from leather.

Today, leather cords and leather laces are indispensable and primarily used in fashion goods, accessories, shoes, bags and jewellery such as leather bracelets.

What is Antique Leather?

What is antique or vintage leather? The words "antique leather" and "patina" spring to mind when it comes to old leather. However, they are two different things.

Antique leather can be described so because of its age. Objects are classed as antiques when they are about 100 years old. Rarely when 50 years old.

We also call it antique leather when it has an old leather look. In this case, it is not the age of the leather but its look that counts. However, the term "vintage leather" is widely used for the appearance of old leather. The antique leather look is created by contrasting colours.

Leather Patina

Patina appears when the leather changes due to ageing, but it is still attractive. A historic column with tiny cracks or an old wooden ship with many signs of ageing can still be beautiful - like an old painting - even though they are damaged. It's the same with leather. A leather with patina doesn't have to be 100 years old. It just needs to have the look of antique leather. In other words, showing signs of use which look to have aged well.

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