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Black Braided Leather

Black Braided Bolo Leather

Consistency and Authenticity

We use only the most delicate braided bolo cord. Our braided leather has no competition, made from high-quality genuine cow skin with a tight and consistent weave. Unlike other braided cords that is bumpy and uneven, our leather cord is perfect in both weave and consistency. This is a very durable and appealing material, providing an individual and authentic look. Also, as leather is an organic product, it is perfect for people with a metal intolerance.

Leather has played an essential role in the various cultural circles and epochs, particularly during eras where suitable alternatives had yet to be developed.
The manufacturing of leather cords has a long history. In the beginning, it was mainly used for simple tools, later for harnesses, chariots or machines that required drive belts. Not to mention the famous roman body armours (lorica), sandals (caliga) or army bags (loculus), which had all leather cords applied and were used to conquer the then known world.
From Indians of North America to Eskimos in the polar region was impossible to live without the leather. Almost every culture has used, relied on and benefited from leather.

Today, leather cords and leather laces are indispensable and primarily used in fashion goods, accessories, shoes, bags and jewellery such as leather bracelets.

Please note that all genuine leather will gradually achieve a lovely vintage patina. Patina appears when the leather changes due to ageing, but it is still attractive. A historic column with tiny cracks or an old wooden ship with many signs of ageing can still be beautiful - like an old wine - it becomes better over time. It's the same with leather.

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