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Bronzite (Frosted)

Bronzite (Frosted)

Compassion and Focused Action

Bronzite is a member of the pyroxene group of minerals, belonging with Enstatite and hypersthene to the orthorhombic series of the group. Rather than a distinct species, it is really a ferriferous variety of Enstatite, which owing to partial alteration has acquired a bronze-like sub-metallic lustre on the cleavage surfaces.
Some notable occurrences for this stone include the Czech Republic, Austria, Madagascar, India, Brazil, Germany and the USA.

Bronzite is a truly beautiful stone that can display chatoyancy and bright golden flecks.

According to metaphysical beliefs, Bronzite is used to ground us. It clears confusion, helping our ability to make decisions and choices about our life path. It promotes clarity and certainty of thinking and actions. Bronzite has been called the "stone of courtesy" or the "stone of focused action" since it can instil politeness in the people around us and encourage control and certainty, helping us to figure out what we want in our lives and to take control of our actions.

Bronzite is one of the most powerful stones for alleviating feelings of self-doubt.

This stone has a consistent frequency that powerfully eliminates or dispels negative energies, psychic attacks, hexes, and curses.

Bronzite also works as a guardian stone that will protect you from negative energies by neutralizing and transmuting them.

Bronzite will strengthen your sense of purpose so that you will remain resilient and motivated in reaching your goals.

When it comes to wealth and abundance, Bronzite will help you see that it's a gift that you can find and lose at one point.

This stone is an excellent manifestation stone if you want to attract more wealth and abundance in your life.

Bronzite carries powerful healing energies that will be beneficial to your physical body.
It can aid in purifying the blood and fortifying your nerves. Some people use it to help in their healing from trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The Romans used powdered Bronzite as a protector against confusion and mental illness. Bronzite was also utilized in medieval times to fortify the nerves.

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