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Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye


The Eagle Eye is one of the most beautiful stones in the earth. It glows silky when polished. As a stone with translucent features, it provides a relaxing effect in case of nervous system impairment and is a great emotional balancer.

The Eagle's way of dealing with storms seems an appropriate metaphor for the holistic approach to health care.

Eagle Eye is a rarer form of Tiger Eye. Usually found in iron-rich environments Eagle Eye stones managed to stay untouched by iron, keeping their grey colour instead of turning into brown tiger eye stones.

It glows silky when polished and has incredible chatoyancy. Chatoyance is an optical phenomenon in which a band of reflected light, known as a "cat's-eye," moves just beneath the surface of the gemstone.

Eagle Eye stone is a gemstone that symbolises eagle's eye and has properties of giving the sense of self-confidence to its owner. You would be able to have keen eyes that can see through the essence of things. It will help to improve understanding and analytical skills.

Eagle Eye is a protection stone that can guard you against anything bad.

It will protect you against negative psychic attacks, as well as attacks of the physical and emotional kind. Just like a strong eagle, Eagle Eye has powerful energy inside. It will help awaken your strong will, will give a supportive push forward.

This stone can inspire change in a positive way because it can stimulate transformation and inner sight. It will begin a period of self-realisation, spiritual awakening, and transformation.

Eagle Eye is an excellent stone if you want to attract good luck and good fortune. It will also bring enthusiasm, happiness, wealth, and prosperity to any home or office.

When you have Eagle Eye, you can achieve your intentions faster, and you can receive results a lot quicker.

The Eagle Eye also works wonderfully when it comes to matters of the heart. It will bring back your desire to love with your whole heart and to be loved in the way that you want. The Eagle Eye will help discharge your negative energies so that you can only focus on the right things.

The energies of Eagle Eye can stimulate healing in your body. It has health benefits to help with your blood pressure and the general function of your heart.

It can heal the nervous system by invigorating the nerves and the brain, which makes it a very effective cure for lightheadedness and headaches.

It’s also excellent in treating eye infections, long distance focus, and dull vision.

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