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Fossil Coral

Fossil Coral

Motivation, Nature and Protection

Fossil Coral is a variety of agate/chalcedony replacing coral. The proper name for fossil coral is "agatized coral" or "agatized fossil coral", because, during formation, the coral remains are gradually replaced with agate.

When prehistoric corals are fossilized through replacement with agate, the fossil coral forms through hardened deposits left by silica-rich waters.
Corals are marine animals, and it is their skeletons that are fossilized and preserved, often leaving flower-like patterns in the stone. The entire process can take over 20 million years and occurs only under very unique geological conditions.

Almost all fossil coral specimens are found in either Indonesia or the United States. Indonesian Fossilized Coral is considered to be the most desirable and unique.

Fossil Coral is an extraordinary stone with gorgeous patterns resembling nature and ocean life. It can exhibit a wide range of natural colours, ranging from white to brown, grey, black, yellow and red.

Since ancient times, coral has been highly prized as a gem because it was believed to have mysterious, powerful and sacred properties.

Ancient civilizations consider these fossilized corals to be precious globules, as they have the propensity to carry the protective eminence with them. They are furthermore studied to protect the holder against evil spirits as they are believed to possess the divine blood of the anciently lived creatures.

The Gauls often used coral gems as ornamentation for their helmets and weapons, believing that it was a protective stone. Ancient Egyptians also placed coral in tombs of the deceased to protect against evil spirits because they believed each coral gem actually contained divine blood.

The Romans hung branches of coral around the necks of their children to protect them from danger. In the early 20th century, the people of Italy used coral for protection from the 'evil eye', and many Italians used it for infertility.

Among the Hopi and Zuni tribes, the 'road of life' is symbolized by coral, jet, abalone and turquoise (the four elements).

Since Fossil Coral is a combination of coral and agate, it carries many strong metaphysical beliefs. Fossil Coral is a grounding stone good for bringing about change.

Fossil Coral is known to offer wisdom for success. It will significantly prosper your future with incredible knowledge that can help you achieve your goals financially. It is great for those who are dealing with tons of work and think a lot.

Fossil coral is said to assist in business endeavours while keeping you grounded and motivated; it is also said to be an excellent protection stone for travel on or near water.

In physical healing, fossil stone is used to assist with ailments of the bones, skeletal system, hands and feet. It is thought to be able to help heal pancreatic disorders and improve blood and air circulation. Fossil coral is used for treating eye, skin and stomach illnesses. It is even believed to enhance longevity.

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