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Green Zebra Jasper

Green Zebra Jasper

Motivation and Perseverance

Green Zebra Jasper (also known as Chrysotile Serpentine) is a fibrous stone from the Serpentine group of stones. Chrysotile Serpentine is a form of asbestos – a known toxic. Granted, the toxicity is mainly due to breathing in the fibres, something which isn’t possible to do when handling stone or bead.

Chrysotile serpentine is found mainly in Canada and the USA.

With their stunning shades and soft stripes of green, white, and black, these Green Zebra Jasper stones will give you a potent dose of motivation!

Green Zebra Jasper is the stone of determination, motivation and facing challenges. It recharges your energy and encourages you to finish what you set out to do.

Green Zebra Jasper will help you feel grounded, deeply connected to Earth.

Green Zebra Jasper lends emotional support and strengthens self-control, as well as boosting physical energy levels. Its slow, steady vibration helps avoid extremes and encourages perseverance. You will receive the typical set shown.

These stone powers will help in the work environment - you will discover greater insight in dealing with working relationships and will find the energy and motivation you need to get your projects done.

Green Zebra Jasper will instil in you a sense of caring optimism as you approach even the most stressful of life's tasks. It will inspire you on a creative level, and revitalise you to confront problems with ease.

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