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Lava Stone

Lava Stone

Grounding, Calming and Protection

Lava Stones are formed when volcanoes erupt. The lava runs down the volcano side, and once this incredibly liquid rock dries, it becomes a lava stone. Geologically its usually Basalt - an igneous rock that forms when gasses in magma begin to solidify and harden into rock.

Lava Stones are found all over the world – at hot spots under continental or oceanic plates, at mid-oceanic spans (between two divergent oceanic plates), and at subduction zones of plates, but also in areas with active or historical volcanism. Significant Lava stone deposits are found in Iceland, Greenland, the Canary Islands, Spain, Faroe Islands, in Ireland, Auvergne, France, Deccan, India, Karoo, South Africa, Cameroon, Montana, Germany and in the USA/Hawaii.

These stones are traversed by fine air pockets, which not only give them an interesting surface but are also wonderfully light.

Lava Stone itself has been around for millions of years and has sacred uses which many are still using today.

Lava Stone is created out of the fiery heat underneath the earth from very raw energy. This energy is representing rebirth or renewal. The powers of the fire and earth are locked in these stones. This means that all your negativity gets purged when you use this stone and you bounce back with renewed strength and courage.

Lava Stone has very grounding benefits to it known to calm and balance the emotions. This stone is also beneficial when solving problems and will assist you in doing so calmly and logically. Because of the strong connection with the earth, wearing lava stones grounds you, keeping you humble and peaceful.

This stone emanates protection and success, allowing you to feel at home in the body and create more opportunities for yourself in the process.

Lava Stones can also have a positive effect on your self-confidence because they transfer willpower, the strength of character and invincibility to their wearer.

Lava Stone is known for its grounding properties and perfect for calming the mind and emotions.

Lava Stone s are credited with comprehensive healing powers for the body and the psyche.

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