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Positiveness, Openness and Stillness

Lepidolite is a lilac-grey or rose-coloured mineral. Lepidolite, while often found in small pieces within larger pieces of quartz, is actually a form of mica. Mica is the stone that is powdered to make many beautiful colourful eyeshadows and other cosmetic products.

Notable occurrences include Brazil; Ural Mountains, Russia; California, United States; Tanco Mine, Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada; and Madagascar.

Lepidolite is calming and soothing, as it helps to release stress while supporting one on the path of willing acceptance. The pace of modern life is stressful, and sometimes there is indeed nothing better than a classic, calming stone.

The dreamy Levander stone vibes and gives us the courage to not be afraid of change. It encourages independence and self-love and trust. Lepidolite properties help bring a sense of awareness, providing you with the guidance to think before taking action. Although modern society doesn't typically think of stillness and contemplation as being productive, but with Lepidolite by your side, you will find positive thinking as a key to the success of any kind of creative pursuit.

One of the best mood stabilisers in the world of gemstones, the Lepidolite crystal contains a high amount of lithium, which is also used in anti-anxiety medication.

Lepidolite will help you most in dealing with issues that are either pain or limiting you on a mental level. This stone will help prevent you from becoming caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, which is not a right place to stay for very long. Lepidolite will remind you that things happen for a reason, and keep you focused on the happiness and the eventual positive outcomes of life, rather than dwelling on the negativity.

This stone encourages independence and protects from any number of external influences when it comes to setting and following your priorities.

This is one of the best love stones. It can help us to accept others as well as our own being.

On the level of physical health, it can help with joint related problems, enhances blood circulation and protects the heart muscle. It reduces depression, relieves insomnia, and strengthens the nervous system. Lithium, which is a significant component of Lepidolite, is actually used as a calming medication, and in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia.

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