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Sterling Silver “Dots” Spacers

Sterling Silver 925 "Dots" Spacers handcrafted in Bali

Balinese Master Silversmiths

Bali is known for many things. Not only it has beautiful natural scenery, and cultural heritage across the island but also this Island of Gods is famous for its crafts.

Since long time ago, Balinese are familiar with gold and silver crafts. The silver craft masters were creating daily for the religious and royal demands, their skills then passed down through the generations.

Bali's clans of gold and silversmiths have been creating complex objects for temple heirlooms, rituals and fine jewellery for centuries. Their designs continuously evolve, as do the crafting techniques.

The island's gold and silver communities are mostly located in the villages of the Gianyar regency, particularly Celuk, Mas and Ubud. In the middle of the '70s, many of those artists concentrated in Celuk Village. Since then, the artists have only gotten better at their tasks, working exotic details into their craft. Growing their reputations as the masters of silver in Bali.

There, in Celuk Village, we found masters of silver who helped our designs to materialise.

These Bali masters handcrafted our INMIND Sterling Silver "Dots" Spacers under our design. 925 Sterling Silver meticulously handcrafted and polished, with the touch of oxidising to get these dark tones between the dots. The perfect accompaniment for natural stones.

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