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TwoSix Collection

INMIND TwoSix bracelets use mixed braid techniques on leather strands for a multi-textured piece, giving the impression of several stacking bracelets. We use three top quality leather cords, each handcrafted in a unique way. Designed to be wrapped two times around the wrist. Six layers of leather. TwoSix.

What leather do we use in the TwoSix collection?

We use three types of leathers in TwoSix Collection.

Round leather cord. Made from buffalo skin, round leather is precision cut from the centre of the buffalo hide and offers the finest quality and consistency.

Braided leather cord. Most delicate. Made from high-quality genuine cow skin with a tight and consistent weave.

Square braided leather cord. Made from high-quality genuine cow skin using 8 plies of round leather cord. Machine braided to produce a unique braided leather cord in the square form.

What is Antique Leather?

What is antique or vintage leather? The words "antique leather" and "patina" spring to mind when it comes to old leather. However, they are two different things.

Antique leather can be described so because of its age. Objects are classed as antiques when they are about 100 years old. Rarely when 50 years old.

We also call it antique leather when it has an old leather look. In this case, it is not the age of the leather but its look that counts. However, the term "vintage leather" is widely used for the appearance of old leather.

The antique leather look is created by contrasting colours.

Leather Patina

Patina appears when the leather changes due to ageing, but it is still attractive. A historic column with tiny cracks or an old wooden ship with many signs of ageing can still be beautiful - like an old painting - even though they are damaged. It's the same with leather. A leather with patina doesn't have to be 100 years old. It just needs to have the look of antique leather. In other words, showing signs of use which look to have aged well.

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