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Women's Exotic Leather Bracelets

Women's exotic leather bracelets are designed to attract attention. Python skin bracelet or other fancy leather bracelet transmits a unique elegance to the final product. These unique accessories exude luxury and are essential to compliment your classy and refined look.

Exotic jewellery

Python skin is an amazingly pliable and diverse application. The skins of snakes are light in weight but very strong and with a distinctly diverse number of colours (natural, black or red), tanning options and finishes. Its unique appearance is instantly recognizable, making it a great leather to use for exotic bracelets or other applications that will always maintain its luxury appeal despite what is trendy or currently in fashion.

Our natural python leather is processed in Spain. Quality of this leather transmits a unique elegance to the final product. No two snakeskin bracelets have the same pattern – nothing in nature or man-made matches the unique scales, patterns, and unique texture of genuine python leather.

Our python skins processed in Spain are legally imported through South East Asia and is sourced and processed under ethical practices to ensure sustainability for the environment.

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