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Classic Collection

The most popular men's bracelet category is beaded stretch bracelets. "Classic collection" features premium quality stones on high-end stretch cord. Combined with brushed stainless steel signature bead. Free worldwide delivery.

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Stainless steel signature beads

We use Stainless steel signature beads in our beaded stretch bracelets Classic collection designs. We use stainless steel grade 316L (also known as Surgical Steel) in our jewellery because of its bright silvery finish, its resistance to tarnish and scratching, low reactivity to other chemicals, excellent durability and ability to retain beauty for years. Although almost all stainless steel versions contain nickel - 304 and 316L is considered hypoallergenic.

Men's beaded stretch bracelets

Beaded bracelets are the perfect way of showcasing your sense of style. Various types of gemstones are being used in making beaded bracelets. We use only the best quality real natural gemstones in our collections. Furthermore, we use only the best grade and most beautiful and matching beads in our designs. Usually, we eliminate one-fourth of stone beads we get from suppliers.

Bracelets from stone beads provide a unique way to wear a little colour on your wrist and fit practically any wrist. INMIND handcrafted jewellery beaded stretch bracelets are crafted by hand with natural gemstones on high-end stretch cord. This soft, elastic cord has excellent stretch memory (meaning that it's less likely to stretch out permanently) and returns to its original shape after stretching.

How many beaded bracelets should a man wear?

This is a matter of personal preference. Most people believe that two is a good rule of thumb. If you are happy with the way more or less looks, though, the choice is ultimately up to you.

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