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Men's Jewellery

Power and respect defined men's jewellery for centuries. Bracelets, necklaces made from fangs, veins, stones and metals reflected the status of their owners. Thousands of years have passed, but our ancestors' beliefs and values continue to influence the jewellery's appearance. Here you can find INMIND handcrafted jewellery for men inspired by owners travelling trips all around the world. Influenced and mesmerised by the beauty of the various cultures and people we took and blended them into our jewellery.

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Masculine style

What was thousands of years ago we can see only by the cave paintings and archaeological finds. But that's enough to understand why men used to wear jewellery. Claws and fangs, stones and metals served as a totem, a sign of a clan or group of people, an indicator and proof of a warrior's strength, a desire to gain the power of an enemy or dead beast. Rulers, leaders and priests, the ruling elite worn men's jewellery that became a symbol of the power, a sign of his wealth. They wore accessories around the neck, hands and head. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings contributed to the deity's connection, gave them power, and helped demonstrate social status.

Perhaps if ornaments hadn't meant so much for ancient people, we would not wear jewellery today. But is it not possible to imagine a modern man without jewellery today. Our life sometimes is monotonous and boring. The right choice of jewellery will not only enhance the look and taste but can demonstrate who you really are. If you appreciate quality made, stylish and handcrafted men's accessories, INMIND Handcrafted Jewellery is at your disposal. Our pieces carry one of a kind designs from natural stones, leathers and metals. INMIND jewellery for men emphasise your masculinity and will become the focal point of your style.

Is our men's jewellery eco-friendly?

We favour a low, methodical approach in our workshop, as opposed to mass production. Respect for the environment, and for animal and human life inspire our artwork itself. We use natural materials and look the ways to reuse or recycle in our jewellery parts. We try our best to source materials from suppliers that follow practices to conserve resources, like water and energy. We are mindful of the pollutants they release into the environment. As business owners, we believe that it's our responsibility to conduct business in the same way we conduct our personal lives. We believe that is the right choice to handcraft our jewellery in our hometown using fairly traded materials that support local economies. We aren't perfect, nor do we claim to be a green business. Still, we believe that environmental and social equity is not a marketing strategy but rather a responsibility of conducting business on this planet.

Do straight guys wear jewellery?

Yes. Absolutely, straight guys wear jewellery. Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the handcrafted men's jewellery. Whether you are from the LGBT community or straight, you can wear bracelets, necklaces, rings or other accessories with equal pride.

Rules for men when wearing jewellery

When in doubt, keep it simple. Match colours and styles. Understand jewellery's symbolism - wear meaningful jewellery. Every piece of jewellery have the story - learn it. Express your true self. Men's handcrafted jewellery should demonstrate who you really are, not the fake picture of a guy you're not.

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