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Silver Trio Collection

"Silver Trio" collection features premium quality natural stones on high-end stretch cord combined with 925 Sterling Silver "Dots" spacers, handcrafted in Bali by silver craft masters under our design. 925 Sterling Silver meticulously handcrafted and polished, with the touch of oxidising to get these dark tones between the dots. The perfect accompaniment for natural stones.

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Semi-precious gemstone grading and quality

Let's break down some basic definitions. What is a precious gemstone? This has historically referred to diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. But in present times it's considered inaccurate as it doesn't account for all factors contributing to a gemstone's cost. F.e. diamonds are relatively abundant but hardly controlled by cartels to keep the price high. Lower-quality sapphire, ruby or emerald can also have a lower price than finest specimens of semi-precious stones like Apatite or Labradorite.

What is a semi-precious gemstone? This is literally everything else used to make jewellery. Agate, amazonite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, kambaba jasper, tiger eye or a rare variety eagle eye. All semi-precious.

There isn't a universal system for grading semi-precious gemstones. Terms like A-grade, AAA-grade, or B/C grade are subjective terms used by the sellers. One vendor's AAA-grade stone may look like another's B-grade. So why we say to our clients that we use premium or best quality natural stones? Because we continuously learn gemology, read forums of real gemologists, ask questions, and get answers. We read books. We handpick every single stone in vendor's batches. We look for blemishes, lack of inclusions. We test density. We break the stones and test chemical composition. Finally, if we have concerns - we test hem at the Lithuanian Assay Office. Usually, we eliminate 25% of the beads from the best quality batches from reliable suppliers eliminating intermediary sellers. We like to take a "what do we like?" approach. Sometimes we leave stones with blemishes or inclusions that we honestly prefer or look perfect in one bracelet. We hope to believe that the ART is finding and combining to one jewellery these perfect matching stones. And we hope you like it too.

Bali silver craft masters

We travel a lot. We like to blend various cultures in our jewellery. Every piece of our jewellery has its own story. And we like to tell stories.

Bali is home to many masters of gold and silver. There are villages where working families create daily, their skills then passed down through the generations. The artists have gotten better at their tasks, working exotic details and techniques into their craft. Growing their reputations as the masters of the silver in Bali. In one of our travels, we found one of these masters and asked to make sterling silver spacer beads under our design and Balinese techniques. Sterling silver meticulously handcrafted and touched by the black effect of oxidising. It's how sterling silver "Dots" born.

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