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Men's Bracelets

INMIND handcrafted men's bracelets let you be creative and express your inner self. From beaded bracelets with sterling silver findings to leather and braided leather bracelets. Combine designs, connect to stacks or wear with the watch – tell your story with our bracelets and make your wrist stand out.

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INMIND men's bead bracelets (aka stretch bracelets) feature spiritual gemstones with unique healing powers, combined with the sterling silver spacers handcrafted in Bali (Silver Trio collection) or with stainless steel signature cube in Classic Collection.

Bracelets for men

Can you wear a bracelet and feel masculine? Whatever your preference, every man should own a jewellery piece that isn't a wedding ring or watch. Bracelet can be and is a part of a stylish man's wardrobe. They're an accent, and an option, not a necessity - but wearing one certainly make you stand out from the crowd. A well-chosen bracelet isn't that different from the other piece of jewellery - it's not a centrepiece of your outfit, but it's there to be a noticed accent - a distinct part of the look. Like many right accents, it functions as a sort of "proof" that you look the way you want. It does not matter if you're in a suit and tie or with pants and tropical shirt, with the bracelet you will look not like some guy who put a suit because he had to - you're a man who's taken the time to make a suit look good, and the bracelet helps make that clear.

Types of men's bracelets

We offer bracelets for men in a wide variety of colours and materials, and we design new every day. No matter what you are looking for - we have it.

Men's beaded stretch bracelets

Our men's beaded bracelets are made of beads in diameters of 8 mm or 10 mm. We use only natural stones in our designs. We do not use synthetic gemstones. We prioritize sourcing precious and semi-precious stones directly from miners and factories near mines. Usually, we eliminate one-fourth of beads from suppliers because we use only the highest quality and best matching stones in our designs.

Boy's bracelets and Plus size bracelets

We do not have on stock items, we make jewellery after order, so we can make a bracelet for the wrist of any size. We tested thousands of wrists to find what extra is optimal for every bracelet, and we will make sure the bracelet will fit most comfortably as possible be it a boy or big & tall men wrist.

Do men wear bracelets on the left or right wrist?

Before wearing a bracelet, it is common to get confused with what side to wear it. Most men prefer to wear it on their non-dominant. However, this is not a rule of thumb. You can want both the bracelet and the watch be on one side. Some don't prefer doing so and thus will wear the bracelet on the side without the watch. Maybe you don't want the bracelet coming in the way when you're working? Perhaps you want to make fashion and status statement when going to the meetings and shaking hands or doing a presentation? Merely it is up to you to decide on what hand wrist to wear the bracelet.

How to wear a bracelet?

Short sleeve shirts or t-shirts leave room for the bracelet to be in full view. However, if you're wearing a long sleeve shirt or suit, you will have to abide by some tips. You should treat your bracelets as you would a watch. When you have a long sleeve, the watch typically gets covered and only gets exposed when you stretch or raise the hand. The same applies to the bracelet.

When wearing more than one bracelet, pick a mixture of shades. You can equally wear bracelets from different materials. F.e. leather bracelets and bracelets from natural gemstones compliment each other.

How to Take Care of Your Bracelet

Once you create a stunning look with your wristband, you'll look forward to experimenting with it. To ensure longevity, you'll want your bracelet to look as good as the day you bought it. Take good care of your bracelets to increase its life.

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