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Women's Bracelets

INMIND handcrafted women's bracelets may be the most versatile jewellery of all. You can slip on some serious luxury with an exotic python skin bracelet, go modern with a double/triple wrap bracelet from natural leather, go classic with a wrap leather bracelet with stones or ward dark energies with a handcrafted beaded bracelet.

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The best thing about bracelets for women is that there are so many styles to choose from. They can be used as a way of self-expression or to enhance the look of an outfit. Here at INMIND, we have a plethora of bracelets in several different styles handcrafted with the love and attention to details. Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying a special gift for a loved one - we covered you and have a bracelet you are looking for.

How to wrap a wrap bracelet for women?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "How to wrap a bracelet with multiple layers?". Sometimes it can get a bit confusing, but when you know the basics - it's the easiest thing in the world to do. What is a wrap bracelet? When a bracelet winds around the wrist once, twice, or multiple times, it is referred to as a wrap bracelet. Whether they are from leather or with natural stones on a wire, wrap bracelets usually have clasps to hold them on the wrist. So how to wrap leather or gemstones bracelet easily?

First of all, put the bracelet on your wrist and press the clasp on that wrist to the body. Then wrap leftover of the bracelet about your wrist. Close the clasp. Practice several times, and you will put on a double/triple or quadruple bracelet without any problems later.

Girl's bracelets and Plus size bracelets

We make bracelets after order so we can make a bracelet for the wrist of any size. We tested thousands of wrists to find what extra is optimal for every bracelet, and we will make sure the bracelet will fit most comfortably as possible be it a girl or women wrist.

How to Take Care of Your Bracelet

Once you create a stunning look with your wristband, you'll look forward to experimenting with it. To ensure longevity, you'll want your bracelet to look as good as the day you bought it. Take good care of your bracelets to increase its life.

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