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Women's Beaded Bracelets

Many cultures around the world have created jewellery from natural stones, either on string, leather or metal. The best thing about these bracelets is that many colours and properties of stones can be incorporated into the accessory. Discover the unique collection of women's beaded bracelets that we in INMIND designed and handcrafted for you.

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Accomplish a chic boho look with a handcrafted beaded bracelet for this season. Mix and match with different colours and natural stones, even wear them on both wrists. Delicate designs, classic and on-trend at the same time, can be dressed up or down for a variety of casual, work or formal occasions. If you like to create a little more impact, look for beads with healing powers to elevate plain outfits. There is plenty of natural stones including Lapis Lazuli, Onyx and Clear Quartz, from Amethyst and Tourmaline to Shungite and Jade. Want to create an individual statement? Look for handcrafted gemstone bracelets with vibrant or pastel colours.

Ladies Beaded bracelets

We use only natural stones in our designs. We do not use synthetic gemstones. What are natural gemstones? Natural gemstones are cut and polished from real minerals. Natural indicates that the stone has not been treated, enhanced or otherwise altered. It is not synthetic and delivered to us by nature itself.

We prioritize sourcing precious and semi-precious stones directly from miners and factories near mines. Elimination of intermediaries is a crucial priority of us. We scrutinize every batch and eliminate the possibility of mistakes. Every bead is touched by our hand. Furthermore, we use only the best grade and nicest beads in our designs. Usually, we eliminate one-fourth of beads we got from suppliers. If we doubt or have suspicions, we test our gemstones in Lithuanian Assay Office or just throw away and change suppliers.

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