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World of INMIND

The story of INMIND began in the heart of Siauliai - a small city in Lithuania with a tremendous history of more than 750 years.

INMIND brand is a family business inspired by owners travelling trips all around the world. Influenced and mesmerised by the beauty of the various cultures and people we decided to take and blend them in our jewellery. We combine contemporary thinking and timeless experience of different cultures with traditional and modern craftsmanship. We don't stock any products, every piece of our jewellery is made to order to fit your body perfectly, every piece of jewellery designed and handcrafted, each and every step of its way, at our small workshop with You in mind.

There is always a story behind every piece of our jewellery. For thousands of years, ancient civilisations have utilised the energies and powers of natural materials and combined them in jewellery pieces. Great individuals wore these materials when wrote the history of nations and used these materials to leave a massive footprint on the world. The stories of stones, the powers, hidden in the heart of metals, inspired millions of humans all around a world. This world around us is our source of constant inspiration. Beauty exists in the smallest details and we using our intuition meticulously handcrafting these smallest details into our jewellery with YOU in mind.

All INMIND designs are precisely handcrafted from the highest quality hand-picked materials. Sourcing exceptional quality stones from all over the world, real leathers from Europe, excellent quality metals for our pieces and obsessing over every detail. Building good relations with manufacturers of materials and suppliers is fundamental to our growth and allows us to offer the best product to our customers.

That's why INMIND brand is known for its attention to detail, wearability, high quality and its affordability.

Our business represents more than just making beautiful jewellery. We believe that as business owners it's our responsibility to conduct business in the same way we conduct our personal lives. We believe that is the right choice to handcraft our jewellery in our hometown using fairly traded materials that support local economies. We aren't perfect nor do we claim to be a green business, but we believe that environmental and social equity is not a marketing strategy but rather a responsibility of conducting business on this planet.

Our work is our life, and our creations will last for years to come.
Because we made them with You INMIND.

Inga and Mindaugas (Founders of INMIND Handcrafted Jewellery)

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