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Women's Beaded Leather Bracelets

Explore INMIND women's beaded leather bracelets collection for a feminine, stylish and modern look. We combined semi-precious stones and healing powers with real natural leathers. Made of high-quality components and handcrafted with precision and care, these wrap bracelets are an essential accessory in your wardrobe. Not to mention that you can get Bracelet to Necklace – 2 Looks in 1 Piece.

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Leather bracelets with beads

Add a finishing touch to an elegant look with a beaded leather wrap bracelet. Triple or quadruple wrap bracelets are designed to wear alone or can be stacked with a contrasting minimalistic bracelet or two. We experimented with mixing natural leather and semi-precious stones to get a modern look and keep the beauty and healing powers of natural gemstones at the same time. Discover our extraordinary world with rich coloured kambaba jasper, sodalite, agate, leopard skin jasper or rose quartz. The original iconic style, our leather wrap bracelets add modern and bohemian flair to any outfit at the same time. This piece is continuously updated with new stones and leather colourways. A number of leather tones contrast or compliments with gemstone accents, while stainless steel findings make it easy to find the ideal fit. The colours and styles of leathers can add a hint of colour or less saturated hues are ideal for pulling a look together without overwhelming the eye.

Bracelet to Necklace - 2 Looks in 1 Piece

The INMIND beaded leather wrap bracelets can also be worn as necklaces. Turn your bracelet to necklace! It's so easy. Just put the bracelet on your neck and secure the clasp where you want. Leather is very soft - it will take the required form after 5 minutes on a warm body.

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