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size guide wrist measurement

Make sure your hands are at normal body temperature. Hands and wrist may expand when hot or one has moved a lot.

You can measure your wrist size by different methods, like, e.g. with a measuring tape, with our measuring guide or with a non-stretchy ribbon.

Download complete guide with INMIND Wrist Sizer for printing.

To find a correct size of your wrist, measure the circumference of the wrist and choose it from "Wrist Size" drop-down list.

The best place for taking the measurement is where the wrist is the widest, as close to your hand as possible, where you would normally wear the bracelet. Wrap measuring tape, INMIND Wrist Sizer or ribbon around your wrist until the fit is tight.

Please specify this exact number on the measuring tape, we will make sure your bracelet will fit you comfortably. You must specify exact wrist size (not the bracelet size!). We tested hundreds of wrists to find what extra is optimal for every type of bracelet, but if you like the loose fit, you can order a larger size when choosing from a drop-down list.

Women Bracelet Size Guide
Actual Wrist Measurement Bracelet Size
cm inch
14 5.5 3X-Small
15 5.9 2X-Small
16 6.3 X-Small
17 6.7 Small
18 7.1 Medium
19 7.5 Large
20 7.9 X-Large
21 8.3 2X-Large
22 8.7 3X-Large
Men Bracelet Size Guide
Actual Wrist Measurement Bracelet Size
cm inch
16 6.3 2X-Small
17 6.7 X-Small
18 7.1 Small
19 7.5 Medium
20 7.9 Large
21 8.3 X-Large
22 8.7 2X-Large
23 9.1 3X-Large
24 9.5 4X-Large
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