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Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite)

Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite)

Change, Positivity and Creativity

Rainforest Jasper is a kind of Rhyolitic lava that can be found in volcanic areas. During the solidification process, gas bubbles are trapped inside and are filled by siliceous material, such as Quartz Crystals, Jaspers, and other minerals.

It has a black-brown-green background with more similarities with a Granite than a Jasper or a Chalcedony.

Rainforest Jasper is the green form of Rhyolite and comes from Australia.

Green Rhyolite has been used as part of earth healing rituals, and some stones have quite a shamanistic energy.

It will aid you to make a stronger connection to the green areas of the planet, as Rainforest Jasper encourages you to have a deeper, more heart-based love for the earth.

Creativity is the language of the soul, and if it could speak, it might tell you to be a little patient to yourself, especially if you're drawn to the Rhyolite crystal. While pink stones like Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz help attract love into your life, the Rainforest Jasper meaning is all about self-love, its radiant energy infusing your life with real joy, like an antidepressant but without any side effects.

Rainforest Jasper has an energy for happiness that will flow outwards from all aspects of your life. This stone will also bring you powerful energies of change.

Rainforest Jasper will bring more stability in all aspects. It will strengthen your physical body, calm your emotions, and give you mental clarity.

Rainforest Jasper is an excellent stone to have when you need to achieve targets and goals, particularly financial goals.

It will remove the procrastination in your system, and it will make you motivated to do the things that you have been avoiding.

It will enhance your creativity, and you will have more ideas to get you started on work.

The vibration of Rainforest Jasper will help you in communicating from your heart. It will strengthen your relationship with your significant other because more joy, happiness, and love will flow from inside you.

On a physical level, Rainforest Jasper can aid in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. It can also boost the immune system and re-energise liver functions.
Rainforest Jasper has an intense cleansing and detoxifying action, and it can help in cleansing the kidneys and getting rid of the body’s toxins.

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