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Dark Old Gold Moulded Leather

Dark Old Gold Moulded Leather


Gold is the colour of opulence, but just like the sun, gold is also optimistic, generous and caring. Gold is a colour for winners (think of gold medals!) and royalty. The gold colour is versatile combined with other colours like brown, purple, black, red, white, nude, beige, giving a special touch to the look.

Made from cowhide, our exceptional dark old gold real natural leather has slightly moulded sides and is finished in black to obtain the best contrast with your skin.

It is made in Igualada (Spain) - European capital of quality leather.

Seven centuries of Igualada tanning industry history has been one of the principal motors of progress and development in the town.

In recent years, the companies in town have overcome the environmental problems, made a large investment in research and development, in the application of clean technologies, in the purification of waters and waste and have turned their production towards quality to consolidate themselves on the world market.

This is why the most important international luxury brands buy a large part of their leather in Igualada.

INMIND is no exception.

Our exclusive dark old gold moulded real natural leather is a product of centuries of craftsmanship experience.

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